Pet Brick

The hottest toy since the pet rock!

Everyone knows the success of the Pet Rock. Well, let it be known that the Pet Brick is even hotter. Pet Bricks carry many advantages over the normal rock.

Pet Brick


  • Pet Brick is Red.

  • Pet Brick looks Fearsome.

  • Pet Brick is Rioter's Weapon of Choice.

  • Pet Brick is Tough.

  • Pet Brick is Perfectly Happy to Occupy a Corner of a Box.

  • Pet Brick is Fire-Hardened.

  • Pet Brick is Rugged and Manly.

  • Pet Brick Comes in 4"x8" or 8"x4" Sizes.

  • Pet Brick is Sanitary, Cleaned by Flames.

  • Pet Brick Comes in All Political Flavors.
    Pet Brick's Political Markings

  • Pet Brick Stacks Many Levels High.

Pet Rock


  • Pet Rock is Not.

  • Pet Rock does Not.

  • Pet Rock would be Lucky to Hurt a Fly.

  • Pet Rock needs to Sit on Hay.

  • Pet Rock Rolls To and Fro, Never Settling Down.

  • Pet Rock is Weak after Millions of Years of Decay.

  • Pet Rock is Smooth.

  • Pet Rock Comes in Only One Size.

  • Pet Rock is Dirty, Who Knows Where that Dinosaur Turd has Been?

  • Pet Rock Comes in No Political Flavors.
    Pet Rock's Lack of Political Marking

  • Pet Rock does Not Stack.


Pet Brick Stacks Many Levels High While Pet Rock Stacks Poorly!



The choice is clear, Pet Brick is just infinitely better than a pet rock! The masses have spoken.



Quote from John Doe:
"The Pet Brick was so fun that she couldn't resist but to show off her new favorite toy. The Pet Brick is the toy of the year!"
Happy Pet Brick Customer



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